Need some assistance navigating the LoE Education Hub? You’ve come to the right place, please see our FAQ’s below to assist with any queries you have. If you have a query about purchasing any of our courses please contact or if you require technical IT support please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Are the Micro Courses free?

They sure are! As soon as a student creates an account they can head straight to the Micro Courses tab and choose a course they would like to explore

How do my students gain access to the Micro Courses?

Students will need to enrol themselves. They do this by going to and following the steps to create an account

My students didn’t receive their registration activation email

Ask them to check their junk/spam folder, sometimes activation emails go there. If they can’t find it there please contact and we will gladly assist

How do I purchase subscriptions for my students?

Simply head to All Courses and follow the prompts to go through our secure payment gateway. If you would prefer to pay via invoice please contact and we will provide a coupon code to complete your purchase when payment is received.

Is the toolkit really free?

It sure is! The Toolkit provides various activities and articles we have developed over the years for both students and teachers. Simply download the resource and get to using it in your school! Easy

I’d like to check my students progress and data in their course

Great! This can be done through the Group Leader function, however this is only available to schools who have purchased subscriptions for their students to a particular course. Group leader is not available with Micro Course access

How does Group Leader work?

Any teacher who is a Group Leader will be able to access their students progress and data by clicking the Group Leader tab on the left hand menu. This takes you to the back end of the system where you can run reports on the entire group or individual students.

How do I enrol my students?

This video – will take you through the process of enrolling your class of students. If you need help, please contact

What is the Guidebook?

To support all learning styles, provide activities that require a deeper level of thought and provide teachers with assessable items we have developed a Guidebook for each course. The Guidebook challenges students to take their learning offline and consider how leadership is applied in different contexts.

My class has been locked out of the platform

This happens when:

  1. A student attempts to enter an incorrect password too many times in succession
  2. We don’t have your IP address whitelisted

We require your schools IP address in order to whitelist it in our server, this will ensure your schools IP address won’t be blocked when students continually enter an incorrect password.

The video doesn’t play

If the video comes up with an error message, please refresh the page or click out of the topic and back in. This should troubleshoot the issue

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