Young Leaders in Schools – Teacher Introduction


This course is a step by step guide to setting up your student leadership program for the year with advice from experienced teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team.  This course will prepare all teachers to deliver an engaging in-class experience and provide students with numerous opportunities to apply their new found skills and reflect on these experiences.

The course provides an approach that will cater for both the Foundation and Advanced courses and the best bit – all the planning is done for you. Once you have completed the course you can set sail on the learning adventure with your students armed with the knowledge and resources to make it successful.



This course is designed to assist all teachers who oversee the Young Leaders in Schools e-learning course to plan and deliver an effective and engaging program in their schools. The course contains instructional videos and the resources to enhance the leadership learning experience of students and the facilitation experience of teachers.

By the end of this short course you will be feeling empowered to deliver an engaging program with your students and will have access to all of the tools necessary to achieve success.