Young Leaders in Schools – Foundation


Learning the skills of leadership is going to help your students be better learners, good friends and people who care about much more than just themselves. Welcome to Young Leaders in Schools – Foundation e-learning course, an online learning adventure which has been designed to help your students build a strong knowledge of the skills and concept of leadership.

This is the first of two courses in our Young Leaders in Schools e-learning course range. The Foundation course is designed as the entry point into a two year learning pathway – all designed to make your students more effective leaders.

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



The Foundation course introduces students to the concept of leadership and establishes the starting point in a two-year pathway of learning. The goal of this course is to establish leadership knowledge and behaviours which can be built upon in later years of schooling and is suitable for 10 – 11 year old’s. 

In this course students learn about self-awareness, planning, communication, and the principles of leadership within the school environment and wider community.