Young Leaders in Schools – Advanced


Ready for your students to put their leadership learning into action? Well, you have come to the right place! Welcome to Young Leaders in Schools – Advanced e-learning course. The Advanced course is all about challenging students to perform as leaders and apply their knowledge for the betterment of the school community they serve.

In this course students will tackle concepts that include teamwork, developing self-awareness, communication and even starting a mentor relationship. That’s not all, but let’s not give everything away just yet – that would spoil the learning adventure!

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



The Advanced Course challenges students to delve deeper into key leadership concepts and apply them in their daily roles as school community role models.  

In this course the emphasis is on empowering student voice and agency within the school community. Students develop their knowledge of creating safe environments, build upon their self-awareness, explore leadership in action, experiment with their communication, collaborate in teams, learn how to influence change and also develop mentor/mentee partnerships.