Future Skills of the Workforce – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow


In a time of a global pandemic and the repercussions this is likely to have into the future, it is never more important for young people to learn and apply the skills of leadership. This course will provide young people with the theoretical information, provided in a fun and engaging way to begin their leadership journey in the workplace or be applied right now in their schooling, hobbies, sporting endeavours and life in general.

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



This course enables young people to build their leadership capabilities for application within their school and community environments as well as recognising how these skills will be useful in the workplace  now and into the future. Students investigate the concept of leading self, what effective leadership in a team environment looks like, exploring emotional intelligence and leadership styles, developing the skills of having a growth mindset and designing a leadership profile.