Free Taster Course – Young Leaders in Schools

This short course will provide principals, teachers and other school staff with a snapshot of the materials your students can access within the Young Leaders in Schools suite of courses. The course has a lesson dedicated to the Advanced and Foundation courses and will provide a sneak peek at the learning videos, 4 C’s Learning Framework, learning opportunities and much more.

Created by Damian Hecker
Last updated 10/2019


  • Modified Leadership Guidebook
  • Modified Lesson Plans
  • Snapshot of Advanced and Foundation courses
What you'll learn
  • An overview of course content for the Foundation & Advanced Courses
  • How the Young Leaders in Schools courses can amplify the leadership development of your students
  • 20 minutes of your time
Student feedback


Our Young Leaders in Schools e-learning courses are designed to amplify the leadership development of your student leaders through our 4 C’s Learning Framework. By the end of the course and with the support of an engaged teaching team we guarantee your students will develop their leadership Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness whilst gaining great results for the school community in the process.