Free Taster Course – Future Skills of the Workforce


This free taster course is available for teachers, principals and vocational leaders who wish to find out more about the Future Skills of the Workforce e-learning courses. This course will provide a snapshot of some of the learning opportunities available for students and encourage you to think about how the resource can add value to your school’s approach to preparing students for the future of work.

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



Our young people need to be aware, informed and ready for the workforce they will confront in their futures. Preparing them now for the skills they will need in an ever changing and globalised workforce is a non-negotiable for schools and our Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses does exactly this. Our first two courses – Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence and Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow are available now with snapshots of each course available in this Free Taster.

Time Required:
20 minutes


  • Modified Leadership Guidebook

What you'll learn

  • An overview of course content
  • How the Future Skills of the Workforce courses will prepare your students for the future of work

Group Leader Access

Our Group Leader function is a great way to check student progress and support them on their learning journey. With access to individual progress and oversight of quiz results the Group Leader function provides teachers with the right information to enhance the learning experience of their students. Check out our Help guide to learn how to use the Group Leader function.