Emerging Leaders in Sport – On-field


This course has been designed specifically for young athletes with the aim of inspiring improved leadership on the field of play in their chosen sport. This course is the perfect addition for your school’s athlete development program, regional and metro sports academies or even local clubs.

The course will raise young athletes awareness of themselves and their leadership capacity, whilst challenging them to put theoretical concepts into action within their sporting environments. With the help of teachers or coaches young athletes will also be prompted to reflect on their performance, celebrate their successes and identify areas they wish to improve.

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



The On-field course provides students with the theoretical knowledge and practical advice to develop their leadership capabilities and positively influence performance in their chosen sporting environment. Students firstly explore the concept and principles of on-field leadership in sport, then learn how to develop their self-awareness, how to effectively communicate, the principles of influencing performance and the traits of high performing teams.