Future Skills of the Workforce – Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence


With the changing face of technology and its impact on the workplace, learning on the job is expected to account for 30% of our time at work by 2025. This means young people must start learning the skills to be an effective, independent and autonomous worker now – this course will provide learners with all of the tools necessary to do exactly that.

By the end of this course learners will have a clear direction on how they can be an effective, autonomous and independent worker and have built the mindset to do this.

We recommend all teachers purchase the Teacher Introduction Course to support the implementation of the student course



This course encourages students to build the skills of a lifelong learner and provides context to what learning in the workplace looks like and how important this will be in the future. Students tackle concepts aimed at identifying their workplace strengths, building the skills of being an autonomous and independent worker, Grit theory and how to set goals and personal development plans in the workplace context.