Are you a new student leader? Then read this.

We have the great pleasure to sponsor leadership awards with the schools who engage in our blended learning programs. Last year we were fortunate to have Dusty and Mackenzie from Irymple South Primary School (ISPS) write a short piece about their experience as student leaders and provide some advice for student leaders of the future.

Thanks Dusty and Mackenzie, we know you have a great future of leadership ahead of you.


I’ve enjoyed working and doing my group project.  It is a great way to show off your leadership skills in an authentic way.  When you’re in your early grades at ISPS and your dressed ready for the day, lots of students think to themselves, I can’t wait to do LoE in Grade 6.

I believe I have grown a lot in public speaking.  I was very nervous and scared last year when going up on stage, now with the work of the LoE modules and weekly leadership learning, I feel a lot more confident.

Some advice I’d offer students entering into the LoE program is to be ready to take on feedback from Damian, teachers, peers, your mentor and other students.


In the LoE program I have really enjoyed creating a group project.  I enjoyed this because I loved working in a group so that I could improve my communication and collaboration skills.  My project was the lunchtime radio show and I really felt that Damian and our teachers helped our group to make our project the best that it could be.

This year my delegation skills have developed a lot using the LoE program, my teachers and feedback from my peers.  At the start of the year I didn’t really know what delegating was but throughout the year I took on feedback and kept persisting and working hard to try to achieve my personal learning goal.  I have not yet mastered delegating, but as my mentor has told me it takes year and years to master a skill like this.

Some advice that I could give to other students is to always go into something with an open mindset.  In order to take risks and take on challenges an open mindset is the key.  You need to always try your hardest, even if something is easy.  And lastly, you need to be creative.  Put your own spin on things, to make them original and unique.