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A purpose statement is a declaration which summarises your motivation and goals.  This purpose will always guide what you do as a group and help you make good decisions.

Everyone must have ownership of the purpose of your team.  This will ensure everyone is committed to the direction agreed upon.  You can achieve this by unpacking everyone’s ideas and bringing them together in one overarching statement.

As an example, Leaders of Evolution purpose statement (which we call a mission statement) is ‘To deliver innovative, industry leading development programs focused on our clients achieving their evolution.’  In one sentence we sum up what we do and what the expected results are.

Developing a purpose statement is something that can also be handed down to the next group of student leaders.  This can help give them direction when they step into the shoes you currently fill.

Your task is this:

  • Develop a purpose statement for the leadership group

What do you think the purpose of the leadership team is?  Share your thoughts below

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