Future Skills of the Workforce – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow


The workforce of the future is going to require everyone who wishes to be successful to build and display the skills of leadership. As a young person starting to think about what your career might be, the time is now to recognise and develop the skills associated with being an effective leader in the workplace.

Leadership is not about a role or a title. This course will delve into the skills and behaviours that will allow you to be effective in any role, in any sector of the workforce. You will be encouraged to look at leadership from an individual and team perspective and identify the things you could do right now to show effective leadership at work – even on your first day on the job.

Another constant theme through this course is the Coronavirus pandemic. As Leaders of Evolution developed this course Covid-19 engulfed the world and we had to adapt the way we did things too. You’ll see our interviews are done via Skype – much different to usual and in step with the social distancing rules of 2020. This in itself is showing leadership in the workforce and in business – being agile, innovative and creative in the pursuit of a great outcome. We know you will enjoy the course and get a lot out of it, please check in with your teachers and peers along the way for support. All the best igniting your leadership journey and being an effective workplace leader – now and into the future.

Please watch the video to get a personal introduction from LoE Co-founder, Damian Hecker.

Course Guidebook – Your Course Guidebook is a very important part of this course to assist with your reflection and learning. You will be asked to complete various tasks within your Guidebook during the course and you can download this by clicking the Materials tab at the top of this page. Just save this to your files or print if you’d prefer a hard copy.

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