Free Taster Course – Future Skills of the Workforce

As we move more towards a globalised, technology driven workforce it is critical that as educators we provide the young people of today with the skills required to be successful in the future. Research from the Foundation for Young Australians point to the need for young people to be Smart Learners, Smart Doers and Smart Thinkers to be ready for and successful in the workforce of 2030 and beyond.

Areas such as being independent and autonomous, thinking creatively, solving problems, communicating effectively, being an effective leader, STEM and developing strong interpersonal relationships are but a few that will springboard young people into the future workforce with confidence.

Ironically, despite the fact that technology is rapidly changing the way we work, it is the skills we develop as humans that are likely to more adequately assist in the workforce of the future. The Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses are designed to provide schools and students with the resourcing to help them achieve exactly these outcomes.

This short course is designed to provide interested teachers and students with an insight into the materials and resourcing of the courses which come under the Future Skills of the Workforce suite. Each lesson provides a sneak peek into the various courses and it should be noted that this is not a sequential learning experience, more so a snapshot into the learning opportunities.

Finally, you can download the modified Guidebook for each lesson by clicking the Materials button at the top of the Lesson page. We do trust you will enjoy the learning experience, have fun and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Course Includes

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