Free Taster Course – Emerging Leaders in Sport

Come in and take a sneak peek of the e-learning course that is shaping the future leaders in our athlete development programs. This course will provide you with a snapshot of the learning activities and resources that you and your students can collaborate on with the goal of making them more effective young leaders both on and off the field of play.

Welcome to the Young Leaders in Sport Free Trial course. This course has been designed to provide teachers, coaches and principals with a snapshot of the resourcing, activities and overall pedagogical approach to the Young Leaders in Sport e-learning courses.

As you’d be aware, a holistic approach to athlete development is critical in order to empower young student athletes with the tools and skills to be successful in their sporting endeavours as well as in life itself. Sport provides a wonderful vehicle for young people to build a skill set to be effective in their passion (sport) whilst establishing the foundation of critical life skills through the same environment.

Our Young Leaders in Sport courses are designed to do exactly this with a focus on both on-field and off-field leadership. Teachers and coaches are provided with the resources to challenge and support student-athletes in applying their learning into their authentic sporting context, ensuring these skills are developed and honed throughout the course

Each lesson in this course has a single topic taken from each lesson of the On-field and Off-field (coming 2020) courses. It is not meant to be a sequential learning experience for you, more so an opportunity to dive into the functions and resources available to schools and athlete development programs who purchase the course for their students. You can choose to complete one, or both of the lessons depending on which course you’re interested in.

By the end of this course we anticipate you will have greater clarity on both the teacher and student-athlete learning experience and it will help inform your decision making as to if the course is right for your school.

Each lesson should take between 20 – 30 minutes to complete.

Finally, you can download the modified Leadership Guidebook and modified Lesson Plans by clicking the Materials buttons at the top of the page. Have fun, we know you’ll love the learning experience.

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Course Includes

  • 1 Lesson
  • 7 Topics
  • 3 Quizzes

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