Future Skills of the Workforce – Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence

This course is designed to develop the skills that you will require to be an effective learner and independent worker in the future workforce. Part of the Leaders of Evolution Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses, the Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence course will challenge you to develop stronger self-awareness and explore how your skills can be used to great effect in your current or future job. Focusing on areas such as grit, goal setting, workplace learning strategies and how to be an independent worker this course is a fun and engaging way to build your confidence to tackle the future workforce head on.


The skills needed to be successful in the future workforce are changing – quickly. As we move through an age where technology dominates so many aspects of our life, it is the skills we develop as humans which are going to be much sought after.

This course focuses on developing the tools which will assist you to be an effective learner within the workplace and someone who is an independent and autonomous worker.  With less structured management likely to be in place in the future workplace, employers will require their staff to be independent and be able to pick things up quickly in order to do their job well.

This course will also assist you in developing your self-awareness as it relates to your future work opportunities.  By the end of the course, you will have self-assessed in a number of areas and developed various plans which will assist you as you seek to tackle your future in an evolving workplace.

Guidebook – Click the ‘Materials’ button at the top of the page to download your Student Guidebook. You’ll need this throughout the course so please save it to your files, ready to reach for when required.

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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
  • 38 Topics
  • 27 Quizzes
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